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The Simplest Happiness - Appreciation

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Whenever comes to a time of traveling ✈️ I always get sentimental...

While the need to manage the mood swing of being separated from family and friends, get up super early for the preparation - getting on and off the airport, checking in, custom screening, dragging luggage up and down, and a lot of waiting...

Although every time I leave my hometown, my body and mind are tested

I still love this adventure life of getting out there and experiencing.

I still remember that when I was a tour leader back a few years ago, although I always had a little anxiety before leading the group, whenever I flew over 8,000 feet in the sky, and every time I looked out, I saw a different scenery, and I couldn’t help it. Sigh, this world is really beautiful, clouds are still the clouds, mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers, you must want to scold me when you see this, what else is it? 😅

What I trying to explain here is that everything in the world has never changed, the change is us, our life, environment, state, and thoughts. Do you think you would be happier if we would appreciate the beauty of a cloud just because it is a cloud? The clouds here are like - if you still remember your original intention, that simple happiness, you will be happy and satisfied with the little things, right? This is exactly the feeling I want to describe.

Another point, whenever I look up from a high angle, I see that everything is very small, and I can't help but compare some of our daily troubles and trivial things. If I can look at it from another angle, it turns out to be so different, How insignificant, then why do we toss and turn so much that we can't fall asleep, annoyed by a trivial matter? Not to mention the facts that can no longer be changed, right? If you can figure this out and get enlightened, you will feel a lot more comfortable.

Sharing the Alice Spring that I passed by on my way from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland, the large red-tiled hills deeply attracted my attention. This is the first time I have seen such scenery. If you can appreciate the world like me - All things, and cherish them, and at the same time cherish yourself, you will also get this unremarkable, no-cost happiness, I wish you all to find your own happiness ❤️

-- Tarot Galaxy by Fannie.T --

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